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The Warriors

Good day to the friends at the round table. May you all enjoy a wonderful spring. Hopefully all of us can make positive changes in our lives that will ensure peace and happiness.

There is however one specific item that keeps popping up lately and that is the Warriors among us. These are the people that no matter what you discuss there will at some point be an indication that they worry about something.

Naturally all of us have worries of some kind at times in our lives. There is the current economical situation that cause recession in turn leading to companies rethinking there operations and in many cases resulting in retrenchment of workers. Now any person that claims to be unaffected by such a situation is not completely honest with themselves and other around them.

Being concerned when a loved one is ill or even worse admitted to hospital is completely normal. The multitude of questions, specially when the proper diagnosis is not complete or waiting for test result can drive any person over the proverbial edge.

The above is just examples of things people can face in their normal daily lives and is not what concerns the Knight. It is the situation were the husband know that the company intend to retrench people in order to cut operating cost, but he withhold the information from his wife and family in order that they do not have to worry. He will be the Warrior in this instance.

Next is of course the wife not telling the husband that her mother plan to move closer to them. Mother who she as daughter never got along with all her live since she did thing not according to her daughter’s believes. She will be the Warrior on this one since it is her mother that will again interfere in their lives when she lives closer.

Husband or wife not telling the other party that they have financial difficulty and need to cut back on spending. The one that knows about the problem will rather be the Warrior and try to resolve the issue on their own. Unfortunately the results are more devastating when they fail and possibly loose the car, house or even worse everything they own.

It is so much easier to have an open discussion whit your spouse than to try and hide anything. The biggest laugh I get is when one try to hide something from their partner in order to prevent them from becoming a Warrior about the problem or situation. The result is that the partner knowing you very well will soon realize something is wrong and start to be a Warrior also. Creating an even bigger concern with them because they see you being a Warrior and worries about you and being uncertain of what the cause of the problem is, they start to be an even bigger Warrior than you.

They Warrior over you and the effect on your health and also being uncertain of the reason for your actions, bring them to the point were they start to speculate about what can be wrong. This in itself is a recipe for a true disaster.

If people just wants to be open and honest to their spouses about what is happening in their lives they can save themselves and others numerous heartaches and pain that is caused by their own actions.

It is a complete change of mind for most people because of old unfounded believes that man must worry about the finances and women concentrate on the house and children. These and other myths about the cast in concrete roles of men and women in a marriage and the subsequent responsibilities have long been proved to be nothing more than just fairy tales.

If a couple want to have a happy and prosperous life together they must learn to be open and honest with each other. Never for the sole purpose of misguided protection of the spouse be sole Warriors over issues that affects them both and even the children.

Learn to communicate and talk to each other. Find joint solutions for concerns and stop being Warriors, you might be surprised that if you start talking those dark clouds might just get an instant silver lining.

Blessings and greetings from the House to the Palace, The Shack and the Pigsty  :wink: :lol:

White Knight



  1. You are indeed a Wise Knight, kind sir and may I say; it is a pleasure reading your posts.

    Verbalising your fears and sharing your concerns with your partner is a sure way to stay afloat in the roughest seas. For; “The truth shall set you free.”

    I salute you White Knight or shall I curtsy instead, seeing that I stem from a gender wearing skirts and lace?

    • Good day Mefri

      It is a pleasure for the Knight to see that some of the visitors do indeed find some sanity within the boundaries of the Harbour. 😉

      A salute is more that expected and therefore you need not find any other way to express yourself.

      May you sail peacefully and your journey be safe.


  2. Hi Knight

    I agree, the ability to listen and communicate is vital in a relationship.

    I’m not good at sharing my problems, I suppose somewhere deep down I hope that if I ignore the problem long enough it will magically disappear. wham!! :mrgreen: Also you don’t want to burden your partner with your worries. 😉

    Thanks. Great post.

    • Good day Wipneus

      Unfortunately no problem ever just go away. The longer we try to ignore a problem the bigger it grows. It may slumber for a time but when least expected it will surface again and become an even bigger issue in our lives.

      Why do you have a partner in the first place if you can’t share your burdens with them?. 😉

      Best Regards

  3. mmmmm 😈

    • Dag Wipneus

      Nie mmmmmmmmmm nie, dis Ja Baas. 😈

  4. netjiese stuk soos altyd!

    • Dankie Prok.

      Jy is een van die mense wat dit die moeite werd maak om te gorrel hier op die blog. Alles wat mooi en vol vrede is vir jou.



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