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Life’s Icons and Idols

Greetings to all of you that survive the initial shock of finding another posting of mine on the world wide web. The Knight is still very much alive but extremely busy lately in case anyone wondered.

Although there is always a subject to write about even in the everyday life one must always ask yourself if what you experience or feel about a specific scenario is actually relevant to any other people around.

Lately we have all read the news and seen the headlines that for the past two weeks have been mostly dominated by the “sudden” death of a so called Icon of the music industry namely Michael Jackson. From the initial report that he had past away until the current weeks spectacular during his memorial services at the Staples centre. Each and every person that ever had a moment of fame or dreamed of it was trying to make an appearance or excuse for why they were, or could not be part of this.

His own family wanted a Lady Diana type funeral that would allow the “fans” an opportunity to pay their respects along the route. A grand affair in the Staples arena and last but not least a planned concert that will go ahead in Londen later, with the dancers that will still perform around a holographic image of the singer on stage.

Now all this doesn’t interest the Knight at all. What actually bring me to the writing of this is the phenomenon we as humans have to create “Idols and Icons” for ourselves that we can “look up to” and in many cases allow to dictate our believes and behaviors. Many people completely loose control over their own lives and become so much absorbed by the lives of these “Icons” they follow, that they loose even their own identity in the process.

Many doesn’t even realize that this is happening to them. They are so focused on the person they follow that they loose all perspective of reality. Even when this “Icon” fails in the eyes of the general public, and here I am not referring to the types that just waits in envy for another person to make a mistake, they “ the fan” refuse to accept any negative reference to their “Idol”.

This all just because they are searching for “something” to fill a void in their own lives. Even being a “Pop star”, Michael Jackson’s whole life is a clear indication of a person. himself being idolized most of his life while he was never himself completely happy. The plastic surgery to change his image, drug use, allegations of abuse all pointing to nothing more than just another person seeking reality while traveling on his journey through a world gone mad.

The reason being that while they chase after man made “Idols and Icons” they have lost reality and touch with the real reason for being. To seek, find and build an relationship with their Creator. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley,  Farah Fawcett and many more will be idolized by people for years to come. People that have received a talent from the Creator of all, God Almighty. But in the process of living lost the contact with their Creator. Searching for all forms of external replacement for this void in their lives, dragging in most instances millions along on their route to destiny lost soul.

I feel very sorry today for many of the “Stars and Idols” in life. Since they all try to replace the only real Icon, God with many other fakes and imitations that can never take His place. Just drifting an being around until they also reach the stage were their own mortality becomes a death ending reality and they perish like a balloon in the hands of an unexpected child.

It is with great sadness that I see this going on daily around us. I admire God given talent in most forms and expression, being it a sculpture, painting, beautiful voice, etc. What I personally dislike is when that same talent destroy any singel person or group of people.

For many years to come the praises of Michael Jackson will be thwarted for every last penny in the pocket of those unscrupulous agents of mammon that will use and abuse his talent and name for their own benefit.

Personally I pray that even with his and those like him, lives at an end that others will come to realize that no fame, talent or any amount of money will ever replace the void and emptiness inside. The same emptiness that is left when your live is self propelled without the Power and Peace that can only be experienced when you have a personal daily walk with God and guided by His Holy Spirit.

May God Bless his true children and those that seek, find Him in all His Glory

Blessings and greetings from the House to the Palace, The Shack and the Pigsty  😉  😆

White Knight



  1. Jy praat só waar en sê dit só goed.

    Af van die onderwerp: Jy is ge-tag om jou handskrif te wys.


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