Posted by: White Knight | Saturday, 23 May, 2009

The Medic

A tribute to those who always helps others.

Everybody is waiting for the medic to help. Each one thinks his wounds are more serious and life threatening than anybody else’s. The one with the scratch think he/she is more likely to die than the one with the bullet in the hart. The Medic must just continue to help, be there for everybody.

No one seems to care about the enemy fire, the uninterrupted sound of metal being driven into bone and flesh, metal and soil. Nothing matter as long as the Medic keeps on moving.

Covered in blood he keeps on treating one after the other. The blood everyone accept as coming from the patients he is helping. No one even notice that he is limping , at times almost crawling from bunker to foxhole, even at times on to the open field, everywhere he is needed.

Everyone accept it, as him being a master at what he does, avoiding being wounded or killed himself. Not even concerned about him or taking proper notice.

He reaches another starting to treat him/her comforting and encouraging to hold on.

How do you know?

It is not you in this situation.

How could you, dare you tell me to have faith?

You don’t know what it is like to fight for your life when life itself is running out of open veins into the soil, God has created. Red life running out of the body with every heartbeat. Never before has the patient wanting the heart to beat slower and less than now, every heartbeat a step closer to death itself.

Then the patient realise the blood stopped pumping, no more filling the ground with his life. At first he starts to accept that he must be dead, then only come to realise that it was because the medic had  stopped the bleeding and recovery is on the cards. The odds turned in his favour again.

When they come to remove him to the place of recovery he looks around to see were the medic is. His eyes searching for the strong healthy athletic soldier running and diving to avoid the enemy fire and danger.

Seeing only a body, wounded, healed, scarred and bleeding from within, being dragged in crawling motion to the next victim needing help.

Only then does he see. Above the wounded medic stands a Soldier, guarding and giving him strength helping him to go on.

Greetings and Blessings from the House to the Palace, Shack and Pigsty. :roll: :lol:

White Knight



  1. Wow! Plasie hou van dié

  2. Baie mooi, Ridder. Dankie.

  3. White Knight, jy het jouself alweer oortref!!


  4. Dankie Ridder

  5. Sometimes the medic becomes the injured and ‘No one even notices that he is limping’
    Only then does he see. Above the wounded medic stands a Soldier, guarding and giving him strength helping him to go on.

    Your words speak to me and I can identify the walking wounded within myself, which sometimes rises above my own injuries, because the Great Soldier is also my personal Guardian who never fails me -especially when I have exhausted and depleted my own strength.

    Dankie Ridder, wat jy geskryf het is kosbaar.


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