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Give credit were it is due

Well most people love to hate and complain about the South African Police Service. The stories about people sleeping while on duty or no cars available for assistance when you phone the Police station are known by almost every person. Either experienced personally or knowing somebody that had to endure this type of treatment.

Well recently I had to visit the Police regarding my application for renewal of a firearm license. My first impression when I arrived was to turn around and leave. The queue was very long at 13H00 and people waiting since 9H30 were not processed yet.

After evaluating my options, I then decided lets join the crowd and wait, at least I won’t have to come back. Initially it looked as if nothing happened and we will all be there for the next couple of days rather than hours. Soon the method amongst the madness started to become clear and the line, although slow, moved forward at regular intervals.

When the processing was slightly altered the line moved even faster. Constantly some of the officers walked past the line of people making sure everyone had all the required forms and that they were completed correctly.

Obviously in a situation like this people start conversations and some of the most hilarious jokes were heard in the line, making for a wonderful time. Even the officers were involved in this helping not only to calm moods but changing it from a pain in the back situation into an almost carnival atmosphere. Luckily the Police services provided chairs for the people waiting. I would rather not try to imagine the state of one’s feet after such a long session standing in the sun.

But the issue here is what we so often forget in our lives. They are also human and just like any other working person have a job to do. The only difference is that their employer doesn’t make provision for sufficient facilities and manpower in order to cater for the demand of serving the public. Members of the community like you and me, that wait until it is almost too late, then rush to the Police station and demand to be served at once.

The same people that can’t even take time to make sure that they understand what document must be completed and how many copies of what must be available. I was at times shaking my head at the fact that members of the public would sit there in the queue and after being asked several times, still not realize they need colour Passport type photos and Copies of there ID and current license. As I mentioned before, the co-operation between the people was amazing and soon as one had to get something, even leave to get photos taken the others will simply take care of that ones belongings and move it forward as the line progressed.

But most of all, I want to today, publicly thank the members of the Lyttelton Police Station, Fire Arm registration department. You all performed a wonderful task in not only helping us ungrateful bunch, but going the additional mile to ensure we all know what is required and above all kept on smiling, joking and laughing making us feeling welcome.

We salute you all, go well and be blessed.

Blessings and greetings from the House to the Palace, The Shack and the Pigsty 🙄 😆



  1. I had the exact same sort of experience at the Pta North station last Friday when my wife and I went to hand in our forms for renewal. So from our side as well, well done SAPD!

  2. Flip! Dis lekker om iets positiefs te hoor van ons landjie! Thanks, WK!

  3. Viva basie van safety viva es mos soos mavis ok sê ons is die rainbow country vol van die mooi colours

    mavis laaik ok van lag basie maar mavis laaik nie die gun want die gun as hy kom by die tjotsies se hande yô yô basie dan hy breng die groot molato

    basie moet lekke weekend

  4. Dagse Kuiergaste 😉
    Ek verstaan die groep by Pretoria-Noord is ook baie behulpsaam en reg gerat vir die saak.

    Die son skyn nog meeste van die dae oor die ou landjie van ons en wanneer hy nie skyn nie dan is dit omdat die plante water kry. 😉

    Welkom by die Hawe se plek.
    Daar is ‘n groot verkil tussen iemand wat ‘n AK47 onder sy matras wegsteek en een wat sy wapen verantwoordelik hanteer en wanneer nodig in die kluis toesluit. 😛


  5. Die inderdaad goed om iets positiefs te hoor, en veral nogal oor die polisie. Ons het sulke positiwiteit nodig in hierdie dae. Ek het al baie maal gevoel dat mens die polisie nie net altyd moet slegmaak nie, want aarde tog, dit moet ‘n ondankbare werk wees. Ek haal my hoed af vir hulle.

  6. Goeie boodskap wat jy hier oordra! En seker iets wat die arme ouens nie veel hoor nie – ‘n dankie!

  7. 😉

  8. Daar is soveeldinge wat mens liefs nie met geld moet betaal nie, maar eerder met ‘n glimlag, ‘n opmerking, ‘n opregte “dankie”. – Leo Suenens

    Ridder- jy het ene 007meisie se hartjie baie bly gemaak met hierdie inskrywing. 🙂 Die strydbyl is seker nou begrawe?

  9. Daar was nooit regtig ‘n strydbyl nie! Dis net ridder wat my siel uittrek tot alle flippen rubber en plastiek en metaal grense beproef is! Maar hy doen dit net wanneer sy ridder pak se skarniere beginne roes…dan trek hy sy titanium pak aan en dan gaan dit weer vlag in die wind!


  10. […] sê ek baie dankie dat dit nie hulle was wat so korrupt was nie.  Dankie dat daar nog sulke polisiemanne is soos julle […]


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