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Unsung Heroes

Today The Harbour wants to focus on more positive aspects of life.

Many people go around in life doing what they believe to be just everyday task and duties. To me. personally, many of these are the ones that really should receive more credit for what they do.


Take for instance our own bloggers Roer and what she achieved in the last two years of her life. She moved from a self proclaimed “couch potato” to a real enthusiastic cyclist that managed not only to enter but complete several races in the past two years. This coming weekend she will participate in the Cape Argus race, a highlight for many a cyclist. It compares for them with the Comrades for runners.

Go Roer we salute you and admire and appreciate your inspiration to others with your achievements.

Security Service Personnel

Now many people get frustrated when they have to stop at a gate, get out and have their car searched. I also hated this until I decided one day to start talking to these people and do what they need me to do.

You will be amazed if you realize what sacrifice many of these people make in order to keep us all safe. Many of them work shifts and get to work with great difficulty. Being on duty in extreme weather condition while most of us are asleep in bed, they have to stay awake and in the rain and cold make sure we are safe.

The Harbour salute you today and say thanks to all of you that are still at your post and smiling even if you are verbally abused by ill mannered people.

Nursing staff

This group not only have to deal with sick patients, but also listen to the concerns of every family member and friend visiting. Sick people at best are not easy to take care of but many of you do it with grace and dignity. The long hours you have to work being alert every moment not to make a mistake because it can cost somebody their life.

Thanks to all of you who even when paid poor salaries still continue to take care of other peoples’s loved one’s while in some cases your own life isn’t maybe perfect and calm.


These men and women of the South African Police Service, are very easily referred to in a negative manner, when people want to complain about the high crime rate in our country. Do we ever think about the dedicated ones that put their lives on the line every time they report for duty? Do we understand the tremendous pressure these people have to endure in the line of duty, by being exposed to all kinds of human trauma?

Well the Knight is of the opinion that all Police should be paid a substantial amount more in terms of salary and benefits for what they have to do. Please accept the thanks and gratefulness of the Harbour to you all, the Men and Women in Blue.

Firefighters and Paramedics.

I firmly believe that the closest any human can ever come to experience hell on a regular basis while alive is to follow one of these careers. Dedicated to save Life, limb and property on a daily basis at times when their own lives are in danger not only by the conditions and fie, but trigger happy mad men. They deserve to be mentioned and honored for their lives and dedication.


Many people volunteer their lives and resources for good causes without even looking for any form of acknowledgment in return. We are looking here at people assisting as trauma councilors, helpers at cancer hospice and many more. The list is endless and one can not begin to really understand the worth or these people to others. At best we will not be able to pay them a salary even if they requested such. It is immeasurable.

This group also include the Fathers and Mothers that take care not only of their healthy children but the ones who have special needs and never give up on them always giving their best irrespective of the child’s abilities or lack thereof.

Thanks to all of you. We salute each and every one today and it is may request that we all today and every day forward will find one of these and others not even mentioned above and tell them how much they are appreciated and do something special for them in return.

Who would any of you like to say thanks to, for what they contribute to your life and others?

Regards and Blessings from the House to the Palace, Shack and Pigsty. 🙄  😆



  1. Dankie Ridder. Ek waardeer!

    Inderdaad, met al hierdie brande die laaste 2 weke of so in die Kaap, BAIE DANKIE aan al die brandweermanne wat hulle lewens in gevaar stel om ons te beskerm. Elke keer as ek die rook in die lug sien om die berge, dink ek aan julle. Baie dankie!

  2. Ek het ongelooflik baie unsung heroes in my lewe, regtig, ek is nogal baie werk. Tyd om bietjie dankie te sê! 😉

    En ek stem Polisie, brandweer, sekuriteit en mense wat saggies en stil agter die skerms werk om ander mense se lewens op te hef. Daar is so baie! Dis moeilike tye. Baie dankie 🙂

  3. Hmmm dink ridder het weer die regte knoppies beginne druk. Dankie oom, kan ek nou maar ‘n swietie kry? :mrgreen:

    Wat van verkeersbeamptes wat ook regtig uhm ‘n verskil probeer maak en taxi’s wat onpadwaardig is boetes skrywe… 😉

  4. Ek dink daar is onderwysers wat unsung heroes is. Hulle moet baie keer abuse van ouers en kinders vat. Daar is ook enkel ouers op my lys van unsung heroes.

  5. Truly amazing of Roer (I hate that route in a car nevermind a bicycle!).

    Paramedics. Definitely. You hardly ever get to thank them.

  6. Dagse Kuiergaste 😉

    Dis ‘n voorreg om jou as voorbeeld en inspirasie hier op die blogs te kan ken.

    Ja ek sien jou beskerm engele werk heeltyd oortyd. 😯

    Hoe kon ek van die Ooms en Anties van die Koeltebome en hulle stryd teen Taxi bestuurders vergeet. 😉

    Sapphire gem
    Hoe laat jy my nou my hoof in skaamte sak. Ek het van daai in my familie en hulle slaan nie net kinders nie. 😈

    Enkel ouers is ‘n spesie wat maklik van vergeet word maar baie ondersteuning nodig het dis baie waar.


  7. Ek stem saam met almal wat jy opgenoem het en ek bring graag hulde aan hulle, maar my gesin en my vriende is die kroon heroes in my lewe.

    Ware vriende is mense wat kaalvoet saam met jou deur die lewe stap, jou dra as dit moet, spalke aanmekaarslaan vir stukkende organe, jou werksplek oppas as jy buiteaksie op die naat van jou rug lê. Saam met jou (letterlik) veldbrande met nat sakke doodslaan.

    En dan my liefste skoondogter en ook my aanstaande skoonseun; God het my uit my nate uit geseën met hulle.

  8. Dankie tog…. ietsie positiefs om te lees. Koerante is elk geval net vol moord, dood en oor-die-tou-trappery.
    Goed om bietjie uit te wys dat daar wel mense is waarvoor ons moet dankbaar wees, want dit is nie altyd maklik wat hulle doen nie.

  9. 😆 @ die ooms en anties van die koeltebome…

  10. Dagse Kuiergaste 😉

    Welkom aan jou hier in ond midde om die ronde tafel.
    Jy weet goeie familie en vriende is ‘n onmeetbare bate in enige geselskap. Uit jou nate geseen? 😯 Meen dit nou jy het nie meer klere nie 😕

    EK dink hoe meer nagtiewe daar is dan word dit nodig om op doe positiewe te fokus. Daar is soveel om voor bly en dankbaar te wees.



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