Posted by: White Knight | Friday, 13 February, 2009

Story of …..Valentines’ day

Since tomorrow 14 February is widely regarded as Valentines’ day and closely associated with love it makes for some thinking about the subject. What is love, who can and may love and even is love ultimately meant for me to experience and have as part of my daily life.

Love can be many things and it consist of endless types and formats. If love is what you expect it to be then, the love you get and give is very close to the perspective that you formed about the subject. Many people feel let down by what they thought were love but ended in being only a vision and in many instances a blurred vision at best.

This bring me back to a story about a man and his wife having a conversation about their life together. He was in hospital for an operation after a car accident.

John: Mary can you remember when I fell of the horse and was knocked unconscious and you took care of me.

Mary: Yes dear, we were still very young then.

John: Then the snake bit me, you also took care of me.

Mary: That was a close call, luckily your father was able to identify the snake.

John: When the tractor overturned and fell in the river you were there also.

Mary: That time, I was very worried that you will not make it.

John: The boys dirt bike ramp collapsed when I tried to show them how it must be done, you nursed until I could walk on my own again.

Mary: That was a silly thing to do, you should not have done it with only your shorts, t-shirt and barefoot.

John: That unfortunate incident when I got shot during the hunting trip, you were present all the time then also.

Mary: Yes dear, I still can’t believe that people are so reckless when it comes to firearms. You could have died then.

John: Don’t forget the time when the neighbours’ prize bull had me almost crushed with his horns.

Mary: If you didn’t get so hurt it would have been almost funny.

John: So many things happened in the time we have been together.

Mary: Yes it surely did.

John: Mary, this makes me want to say something I need to get in the open for a long time now.

Mary: Yes Dear, what is it?

John: Well I have been thinking about all these thing we spoke about today, the time I nearly lost my life or had physical setbacks, and every time you were present at my side. So Mary I am of the opinion that you bring me bad luck. 😯

Well we still wait to hear from the doctors how long it will take if ever for John to recover fully. 😈

On that Valentine’s love note, enjoy not only today and tomorrow but every day of your life, filled with happiness, joy and love. If not in receiving, then in giving, but make love the vessel of all your actions. 😉

Blessings and Love, from the House to the Palace, Shack and Pigsty. 🙄 😆



  1. Hey White-Knight ek hoop jy en jou koningin het ‘n wonderlike Valentynsdag!!


  2. 😆 Ja, nee ou John gaan baie lank in die hospitaal wees!

    Gelukkig Valentyns dag ook vir jou en jou Lady Knight!!!

  3. This is what I call a Friday 13th / Valentines Combo.

  4. Dagse Kuiergaste 😉
    Geniet julle naweek en mag dit mooi tye wees vir julle ook.

    Ondanks al die eise wat die arme man moet verduur, hoop ek jy en Teddie het ook ‘n onvergeetlike tyd.

  5. Dagse Adrie
    Mag jy vir jouself besonders lief wees die naweek. 🙄 😉


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