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Africa takes the lead.

We all know that if you want to do business in Africa nothing is for free. The usual extra monetary value for the person in control of any given government department or project makes your chances very favorable or even unfairly promoted above any other competitor.

This is a way of life and accepted by many people on the African continent and therefore it is frowned upon when someone question a person’s ability to be a member of parliament even after he or she was found guilty of misconduct regarding fraud, bribery, murder or any such minor issues.

Even in the current South African pre-election confusion, it is found very strange that someone would dare mention the fact that Winnie Mandela’s name appear on the candidate list for the ANC regardless of her now being convicted on two separate occasions for various charges. The mere fact that she never served a jail sentence is enough reason for her fellow members and supporters to say she should be allowed to return to Parlement. Tony Yengeni appeared on the same candidate list for the ANC but due to his brief visit in Mr. Balfour’s exceptional behavior modification institute was removed.

The latter is only a reflection of what some people perceive to be acceptable for the rest of the nation, regardless of how it looks for the rest of the world we always wants to compare ourselves against. It is the same political party that currently govern our beloved country and without any hesitation will import each and every activity and plan that already failed in the rest of the world, that is quick to defend their choice for lawmakers with all of their ability and resources available.

With this in mind it is always very difficult for the majority of the thinking population to accept that we have to be classified as followers rather than leaders in the perception of the global community. We have a pride heritage were South African people weer on the forefront of exploration and development even in the dark old days of Apartheid, when more than one South African invention or development were making headlines in all kind of scientific and other fields. Who will ever forget the ground breaking Dr. Chris Barnard and his heart transplant research.

This morning it again, with some mixed emotions, dawned upon the continent, Africa was in the lead again although the honour is a bit less glamorous than we are all used to in the past. Definitely not having any reference to the Zimbabwe power sharing deal being signed or the Boys of the gentlemen’s game giving the Aussies a good measure of their own medicine down under. This is far more influential and definitely having a greater impact than any one would have ever imagine.

This is after all her Majesty, the Queen’s government, who’s members after many centuries of exploiting and harvesting the best that Africa can offer, that at last started to understand their is more to our beautiful continent than wild animals and minerals. We have a culture unique in many ways and almost untouched until now. Since the House of Lords had the audacity to begin looking after their own pockets rather than the people they were supposedly serving and protecting from all harm.

In traditional African style they requested money, to perform the mere functions they were paid for in the first place. Taking money in exchange for using your influence to enhance specific laws and their approval or change is so African. How did they imagine getting away with it in the first instance. It serves them right to be exposed in the process. How can you steal another continent’s fine art of governing without even bothering to understand the intriguingly difficult portion of keeping your mouth shut or raising the amount paid in equal proportion to the delicate nature of the matter at hand.

Let this be a proper warning sign for anybody irrespective origin, Africa is a tough continent and only the strong will survive, don’t steal our culture, it will most definitely turn around to haunt you, specially when not initiated into this properly and over a long period being part of your everyday life. 😕  😦 😥

Greetings from the House to the Palace, Shack and Pigsty. 🙄 😆



  1. Ai Ridder
    Jy bloei – ek voel dit! Onthou net dit makie saak waar ons is nie, ons is toegevou in Sy hande, soos in ‘n bubble, Sy kinders, sommer hier aan die gatkant Ridder…daardie mense sal eendag verantwoording moet doen …ons is almal ok…lief jou, die koningin en die prinsessies baie!
    Ekke dink Grootseun dink dalk daaraan om huistoe te kom – Jip JA, miskien!
    Dankie vir jou omgee en wil betermaak vir ander.

  2. “…thinking population…” 😆

    Jy slaan die hartseer spyker oppie kop, WK.

  3. Dagse Kuiergaste 😉
    Dis absoluut die enigste wat ons hier staande hou en dit is Sy beskerming en genade vir ons.
    Om te dink die vervlakste Ingelse kom steel nou ons manier van regeer deur korrupsie, kan jy jou dit indink. 😯 🙄
    Baie liefde vir julle ook en hoop alles is binnekort in plek.
    Darem is daar ‘n deel van ons bevolking wat vir hulle self dink en ek sien die groep word groter, loop nie meer soos die spreek woordelike lam ter slagting net agter beloftes aan nie. 😀

  4. Ridder – die “African Culture” tradisie van ons lyk my steek maar orals sy kop uit en die stywelip lords is ook vatbaar daarvoor – soos jy hier verwys – tot ‘n paar Lords of the House met hulle “Holier Than Thou” houdings het die Africa konsep van ons onlangs “gehighjack” – nie heeltemal ongewoon volgens die geskiedenis van die Britte se House of Lords nie – daar was voorheen ook soortgelyke gevalle. Daar is natuurlik masiewe verskille in die “Codes of Conduct” en reels van toepassing op die lords in teenstelling met die wat in Afrika en veral Suid-Afrika toegepas word – veral die wyse van finansiele vergoeding vir die dienste wat gelewer word deur ‘n lord verskil aansienlik in vergelyking met ons “gravy train comrades” – en die ergste “straf” wat opgele kan word aan skuldige lords is “name them and shame them”. Gmmmf! Eish – hier is dit ‘n geval van “name them and join them”.

  5. Dagse Kuiergaste 😉
    Long time no see.
    Seker so tussen die verlof en tjint kan ek glo jy het nie baie tyd vir ander dinge nie. 😛
    Ek het nou lekker gelag vir jou “name them and join them”. 😆 Dis baie 😦 maar ongelukkig tot op hede baie waar. Hopelik is die einde van daardie pad in sig. 😕

  6. Ridder, jy weet mos hulle sê “goeie goed is skaars” 😉 Maar, ja, jy is reg tussen die verlof en Tjint en die nuwe jaar wat met ‘n stink spoed afgeskop het is vrye tyd min.

    Jy sê “Hopelik is die einde van daardie pad in sig”. – The Proof is in the Pudding, my vriend 🙄


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