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The Knight’s perspective.

Please take note of the following.

1) It was never in any way said or promised that all post on this blog will be only in Afrikaans although most will surely be.

2) I will try my utmost not to completely destroy the English language in the process of writing any post on this blog. But then, why not, it has been the language of the enemy for so many years. 😀

3) All arguments may not always be contaminated with facts or fully researched but that again leaves room for all your comments to proof me wrong. 😎

Obama Drama

Recently all news were mainly dominated by the Obama drama and the conflict in the Gaza region. At present all Americans are singing praise and rejoice for the new President Barack Obama. After all, he make sure everything is perfect, even took the oath of office a second time because he fumbled during the original session.

During his election campaign last year President Barack Obama did make serious a effort to ensure that everybody takes note that he is a Christian and have been going to the same church for the last twenty (20) years. Also was a family bible used when hê was sworn in to office. What raised the eyebrows is the fact that one of the first thing President Obama did was phone the Palestinian leaders over the Gaze conflict. Why not the Israel leaders also? We will have to follow this one closely.

A lot has been said about the fact that President Obama’s father was a man from Kenya in Africa and therefore he has strong ties with the continent. He also said in so many speeches that America will help Africa. What a lot of them understood is he will now take care of them. Surely a big difference between help and taking care, personally I think it won’t be long before they start to criticize their brother for neglecting them here on the continent.

Then we have the miles stones in a man called Jaques Kallis’s life. Soon he will become the only person to have reached specific mile stones in both test and one day international cricket. Many people have made remarks that Kallis are actually, according tot them, batting too slow. He apparently faced 96 balls to reach 72 runs in his last match. Many people will ask what does this have to do with President Barack Obama? Well in comparison Jacques Kallis is very much quicker since it took the President almost a full day and night to complete 10 Balls during his inauguration this week. 😀

Local Politics

It is becoming more noticeable that the ruling ANC party is not able to COPE with pressure of unhappy and defecting members. Just days ago one of their senior officials made a statement that people must not stay in the party for the sake of gaining seats in office. The starts to sound like a deceleration that the ANC begin to realize that the people are getting more and more frustrated with empty promises and poor service.

Just yesterday another member, declared that he refuse to be associated any longer with a political party that endorse fraud and corruption in the form of a leader still not tried in court and will in future rather COPE without the ANC.

Blogs and Bloggers

From the regular roaming on the various blogs recently, it was evident that more than one of the blogger were suffering from lack of inspiration, time and a declining will to be regularly lured into endless argument about topics like, South Africa as a destination for the future of you and loved ones. This is not the only topic but yet a very much contended one and leading to heated debates guaranteed.

It is my personal believe that a blog is an extension of every blogger and if he or she want to be themselves or create a persona, then so be it. What and when they write and how, is none of anybodies business. Keeping respect for others and deferring from hate speech and insults may I add.

Saying that I know that we quickly form alliances and get attached to one another, even the ones we disagree, just because we can. 😳

This is why we all feel cheated when one of the bloggers start to neglect us by not posting regularly or unexpectedly they do maintenance and upgrades without warning sending the Wosonki’s amongst the pigeons. 😛

With the above in mind, I declare that posting will be done on this forum, the moment the publish button is clicked and new post completely uploaded onto the site, and will continue to be part of this family for as long as humanly possible and to pest and make sarcastic remarks when required. 😈

More or less than that I can not promise. 😎

Greeting from the House to the Palace, Shack and Pigsty. 🙄 😆




  1. Ja jy slaan die spyker op sy kop met Obama.Wat van Israel ek is liewer vir Israel as vir my volk, regtig.Soos jy se met jou wyse woorde Obama sal Afrika bystaan , maar hulle moet besef hulle sal 100% moet gee.

    Cope laat die ANC sidder.

    Ag meneer die ridder ek stir soms baie op Die Werf, dit lok reaksie en eintlik interaksie.Dis my manier van dinge doen. Gelukkig ken jy en baie mense my so.

    Groete by die huis ou grote.

  2. Yes, dear old Brain, we know you only too well! 😆

    And sweet Knight, you hit the nail on the head. Once again. Oh, I dare say, you are so gifted with words! 😉

    En dis hoe ver my gebruik van Ingels strek! :mrgreen:

  3. Ek jammer ek gaan sommer dadelik oorslaat na Afrikaans. Die inskrywing van jou is darem staatlik, aitsa.

    Jy mag maar dit doen: “to pest and make sarcastic remarks when required” ek hou daarvan.

  4. Dankie Boendoe ten minste het jy my nog nie vergeet nie.

    Ja wat se rooi taal en ingelseblog naam is dit nou.Jy jy like jou brood aan albeikante gebotter.Wel ek ook. Mens moet maar vir almal cater.

  5. White Knight, I’m also watching Obama with an eagle’s eye.

    Ek sal jou nooit druk vir ‘n posting nie, maar ek sien elke dag baie uit daarna en ek geniet dit so baie.

  6. Hello dear visitors of the round table 😉

    Brein is Brein en dis maar hoe ons jou sal opgebruik en verdra 😈
    Israel is nou een volkie wat jy met hanskoene moet hanteer anders gaan dit jou net soos truksvye met baie eina los 😯

    My dear Boendoe, your vocabulary of the Enemie’s 👿 language is definitely not worse than mine.
    Maar ja die gebruik van Ingils is soms ook nodig dis hoekom ek maar voorsiening maak vir die ander deel van die mensdom. 😀

    Daar is ‘n 👿 deel aan die Hawe hoof ook 😉
    EK probeer ook maar soos die dae aanstap om opgevoed voor te kom. 😯

    Geen druk vir die Hawe hoof nie 😥
    Askies sien nou eers wat jy bedoel. 😛

    Groete en voorspoed vir almal.

  7. Maak nie saak in watter taal jy gesels nie Knight, ek geniet jou blog!!! 😛

    Ek gesels ook soms in Engels veral as ek oor die Sterre skryf. 😳

  8. Dankie Ridder
    Dit was nou insiggewend – sommer ‘n hele klomp nuus met een inskrywing!
    Obama se tweede inswering was sonder ‘n bybel?
    Cope bring hope!
    Die Kaap stem vir Zille (is dus nogsteeds Hollands) 😉
    Ek val ook onder die bloggergemeenskap met te min tyd maar het so LANK gepraat oor saamstaan en saamwerk dat daar nou min is om anders te dek. Nou maak ek maar weer huis reg – tenminste kan ons nog hier registreer die naweek van die 8e en 9e Feb.

    You speak the tale deliciously 😆

  9. Dagse Kuiergaste
    Solank jy dit geniet is ek gelukkig, oor die Engelse taal sal ons maar moet kom ander kan ons nie met die res van die wereld praat nie. 😯 of is dit nou die sterre. 🙄

    Probeer maar soveel as moontlik dek onder een mantel, ampers soos daai versekering advertensie. 😉
    Weet nie van die Bybel by sy eerste of tweede in swering nie maar die skielike verwydering van wetgewing oor aborsie laat my dink President Barack Obama lees nie juis veel in daardie Bybels nie.
    Sien Niekie praat nie veel sens nie is nou ook by antie Zille se party in gelyf vir die parlement. 😕 Skryf maar op die blog soos en wanneer jy tyd kry, hopelik is daar meer tyd een van die dae.


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